Contemplation of life

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

I must admit I have an obsession with tea and style. For me, these two things are the best of both worlds simply because they bring the best out of me. I strongly believe we must surround ourselves with things that make us feel passionate and excited about life. Styling a simple tee-shirt makes my heart race and my creative mind adores the feeling. While tea makes my heart warm it also gives me time to contemplate about fashion in a calm and relaxing manner. 

Normally when I need – time out – of so much work, life or simply daily routines I go to my safe place start sketching, play my favorite 1950s-60s songs, a cup of tea and of course my styling mind. Somehow I figured out that the simple pleasures of life are extremely personal and unique. They are not better or worse they are simply YOUR’S. I invite you to embrace your favorite things, to embrace your passion and above all to always and forever defend the things that make your heart warm and your mind happy. 




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