Craze for vintage-rare

When I was about 12 years old I heard someone say

“If you don’t feel it, don’t buy it.”

I thought, what a crazy advice, who is going to feel something for a piece of clothing?

Years passed, I grew a bit older and I started to care about clothing and deeply enjoyed analyzing outfits. Then I started noticing girls that spent $50, $85 or even $100 on tops and it seemed absolutely crazy. At the time I thought to myself, well, they must have felt something. I thought it was a requirement to love those tops, but most of the time I didn’t. Then those weird feelings made me question myself ..Laura if that top was $15 dollars, would you like it? and 99% of the time my answer was no. Not because the top wasn’t nice, I just didn’t feel it.

At that moment I understood what people meant when they talked about style. A style is simply different for everyone. Your style doesn’t need to be something expensive, or something cheap.. it can be whatever you want it to be. A style is how you decide to portray your inner self and your clothing. There is nothing worse than seeing everyone dressed the same. For me, it’s like if all mankind had the same brain, BORING. Be yourself and keep or find your own style.

I found my style when I felt what that person described years ago. It happened on a Monday afternoon right after school. I found a vintage shop near my house and I decided to go, for my surprise as I walked into the store I felt it guys lol haha… I was so excited! I felt something weird but at the same time, I felt so much excitement. Everything made me smile..the embroidered day dress, the sweater with ruffles, the sequins on coats… everything made my heart happy. Since then I found my style and I discovered my craze for vintage-rare..pieces.

These photographs are from my honeymoon. My husband surprised me with a day of a vintage shop -hopping. I was obviously delighted and extremely excited, He knows me too well. Oh, and he also took these pictures. Wishing you all a great night!



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