You label You

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When I was younger I was told I was an extrovert person. For me, this never felt 100% accurate. Don’t get me wrong I am very much drawn to people. I get energy from social gatherings and at times those gatherings make me pretty outgoing. In my daily life, I prefer peace, solitude and quiet time. I usually crave alone time in my free time. I like to create, to design and write and this works best when I am alone in my zone.

This makes me a bit of an introvert. It is sure- enough interesting because people think that I am extremely sociable 100% of the time, but if you know me you know I have my personal quiet times. I researched a lot about this subject because I was convinced that there had to be a word that best described myself…And I found it! I am an ambivert. I strike a balance between extroversion and introversion. It all depends on the context and the people around me.

The interesting part is that I am the same in the subject of Fashion. When I design, shop or create outfits I am a huge introvert but as soon as I have events concerning the collection or social events with my friends and family I become an extrovert. I adore conversations regarding fashion designs, dancing, meeting new and interesting people and I appreciate and love observing the outfits other amazing women create. I guess it all depends on the context of the moment. So yup, definitely an ambivert.

You label you… What are you?


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