Outerwear rather than underwear

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Candy Monday calls for a deep talk about corsets. First of all, I really hope and pray that you don’t fall for every trend Fashion Bloggers suggest. Most of those suggestions are paid by brands and not genuinely chosen by the blogger. I understand that most bloggers advertise things they like, but I wouldn’t bet all my money and say that this is happening all the time.

I recently stumbled upon a blogger I adore and deeply admire talking about Corsets. Before I start off, I would like to give you a quick fun fact about the history of corsets. During the 19550s, The wife of King  Henry II of France, Catherine de’ Medici enforced a ban on thick waists at a court attendance. After this event a corset for women was mandatory. Thank goodness time has passed and that law doesn’t apply to us. Now, for better or for worse the corset has become an item of outerwear rather than underwear.

This blogger advertised this trend for Revolve, and if I were to choose a favorite one I would choose none. Even though I don’t dislike the idea of wearing a corset I strongly believe this is a dangerous trend. Because corsets were meant to be worn as outerwear, I believe the women that decide to style this piece have to have a strong sense of elegance and good taste. If they don’t possess these qualities they become an instant fashion victim. A corset is one of the most dangerous trends. So..Wear it & style it smart.



Candy Monday: 

The day I write about specific pieces of clothing advertised by Fashion Bloggers.






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  1. modernastrega says:

    Hello, thank you for inviting me to your blog! I really like the post. I prefer comfortable clothes. I think I would not use them because it does not go with my style, but I must say that I like the white dress she uses in the photos. Likewise, the selection she proposes is not as tight as it used to be that they could not breathe. haha as you say, it’s good that this law doesn’t apply to us.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. LAURA RENDÓN says:


      I am also glad that law is long gone lol!!! Looking forward to reading each other more !!

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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