Special Details For Our Soul

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 3.24.41 AM

Although fashion moves fast, cyclical and reactionary. I respect how most prestigious fashion houses keep their amazing traditions, history, heritage, and artisanship. They have a unique way of keeping their classic baseline and at the same time, they cope into the future staying true to their roots and philosophy.

Nobody can stay relevant for a lifetime without renovating. Even though I am not a gigantic enthusiastic of rapid changes. I have no doubt that by renovating ourselves we evolve, however, I consider equally important to evolve while staying true to ourselves. One way I personally refuse to modernize is by exchanging books for e-books. For me, finishing a real book is a beautiful victory and I refuse to let that go. My books are one of the things that keep me true to me.

In conclusion, I am all in on evolving and growing at the same speed as fashion and life, but there are little things that should stay intact. Those things should be our roots and life philosophy. Hold on tight to them, no matter what. Regardless of the bombardment from society expecting us to change everything in a second without making a pause and taking care of those special details for our soul. 




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