Creating Ourselves

IMG_20171221_125334_094Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do, and we don’t seem to fully understand that we weren’t created to do everything men can do. We were created to do everything men can’t do. Even though I don’t consider myself a feminist, I have nothing against being one. But I must say I am fond of being feminine.

As Karl Lagerfeld said, ” Personality begins where the comparison ends.” And I strongly agree with him. In a more general term, I consider we shouldn’t compare ourselves with anything or with anyone. Energy should be focused on CREATING OURSELVES –  being the best version of ourselves, not of somebody else.

“There has never been any individual like you before and there will never be again. You are utterly unique. This is your privilege, your prerogative, life’s blessing – that it has made you unique.” – OSHO




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