For Yourself And No One Else 


At the beginning of the 19th century, women were expected to dress for men and not for themselves. Then Coco Chanel allowed women to stop dressing for men and start dressing in a more comfortable and professional style that fit women’s new role in the professional community. However, since then most women have been dressing for other women and once again, not for themselves.

RENDÓNE is inspired by this particular detail. Every design embraces and encourages women to dress for themselves, for their unique timeless touch, for their feelings, their achievements, memorable events, and personal – special dates. Every ruffle, color, print, embroidery or applique is made with this in mind. RENDÓNE embraces being timeless and ultra feminine in a powerful manner, classical in a modern yet sophisticated vibe and strong in a kind and subtle way.

Unlike the 19th century, RENDÓNE is the brand that allows women to dress for themselves. To choose what they feel they love. Through RENDÓNE, women dress to impress themselves, and no one else.




We are preparing a special gift for our RENDÓNE women the week before our launch. In order to become part of this special and unique friendship follow us on INSTAGRAM  Send us a direct message with your name and email so we can send you a personalized gift!


# For Myself And No One Else


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