Embracing the rawness of being a women


(** Written with headphones + river flows in you – yiruma on repeat**)

Last summer, I had four isolated conversations with friends that were being negatively affected by social media because of the personal things they were going through. They felt that they were the only ones going through the package of raw emotions. More pressingly, they felt insecure because they compared themselves to happy snapshots, and by doing that social media affected their most vulnerable moments. My first thought during these conversations was: We are all under construction.

There is nothing in the world that exempt any of us from feeling what we are meant to feel and live what we are meant to live because each experience makes us unique, stronger and wiser. We all go through raw emotions and vulnerable moments. That is the beauty of sharing not only the highs but also the lowest moments in our life because we never know how empowering it can be to others to hear stories that prove that things get better and will eventually be okay.

In a world where happiness is shared 24/7, we must remind ourselves that behind every picture there is a story where maybe behind a smile, there were tears and behind every success, there were long nights etc. Believing that at the end of the day nothing worth doing or having is simple. Even if sometimes it may be hard work we have to understand and recognize our own worth. However, it is not magic we have to work to possess our worth without comparing ourselves to the happiness of others. Accepting we all go through vulnerable moments and raw emotions, no matter who or what others may have.

Embracing our emotional rawness and vulnerable moments is hard and brave. I am not saying we should be public with our suffering or with our raw moments and tough emotions. I am saying we should be aware and more compassionate to others and to ourselves. We all go through the emotional rollercoaster of being a woman, and because of that we should all respect and support each other on our happy days, lower days, exciting days and so on. Always remember that we all need each other. There is no need to judge, to compare, to divide. I come from the school where there is enough to go around for everyone. We must learn to appreciate and embrace the moment we each individually need to live. We all have our good and bad days, however, most of the time we will won’t see the hard days in an Instagram feed, but those pictures are the ones that will get us from one happy snapshot to the next.

At the end of the day, everything boils done to our perspective. Whenever you feel self-doubt remember that in the instant that you change the way you look at things, things eventually change. If you are finishing school, taking care of your parents, starting a business, having a family, getting married, a mother, a wife, pregnant, nursing, traveling, working, evolving, finding yourself etc. You are doing great. Don’t stress over flaws. Those cracks are what let the light in. Keep being authentic and real, there is no need to look to the sides, there is no need to compare either, embrace your unique path and emotions. We all have a unique and beautiful story to tell. Embrace yours, by being delicate with yourself. Give yourself a hug and feel at peace with yourself and proud of everything you have accomplished until today because your best is the very best.

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