House of Rendóne

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.51.57 PMDecember 4, 2019
During the past four years, I’ve learned that fashion is more than clothing. For me, fashion became a creative method to express my identity and current mood. Some others use clothing as a comfort or utility but I use it as an artistic manner to say something about myself. Through the years I’ve been trying to find something that best described my fashion self. It was very difficult because I rarely found something that spoke to my own style. So, I started creating sketches of designs I wanted to wear and were not in the market. Then moved forward studying fabrics, appliqués, and embroidery. Lastly, I worked at a company producing womenswear designs. And today, I am four months away from launching my dream label.
Waking up to a closet with a basic wardrobe is pretty comfortable, however, Rendóne women love waking up to a colorful couture vibe wardrobe for both, the simple and extravagant life.
Rendóne is an upcoming ultrafeminine womenswear brand that combines timeless feminine silhouettes with a modern and unique twist that can be worn day and night. We are an independent brand that will be launching on March 2019. Meanwhile, we will be sharing daily pictures that are a huge source of inspiration for our upcoming collection. Each post plays a role in mood, color, details, and form of each exclusive piece.
To celebrate the femininity of being a woman on a daily basis through our creative and exclusive designs. Look and feel amazing not only on important events or travels but also on daily runs. #RENDONE

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