Grandmother De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta

My grandmothers would look stunning wearing this collection. Every time a show starts I can feel if it will take my breath away or not. This time the show did not take my breath away, except for their spectacular dresses. The other pieces were the kind of pieces everyone loves and adores because you know, hi·er·ar·chy. Which I respect, however, I strongly believe New York Fashion Week is getting a bit boring because there is no pressure for SOME fashion houses to evolve in their creative direction. The details and colors at the beginning of the show were boring and old. The dresses, on the other hand, were beautiful. However, one of the dresses had a similar pattern and fabric to a previous dress from Dior.

I am a lover of vintage patterns and classic silhouettes, as long as these are combined with creative details, modern touch, and fresh colors. My favorite pieces of this collection are attached below. My favorite is the black dress which is styled as a top. One last thing that took my breath away since the beginning of the show was a FRONT ROW guest wearing a sequin colorful dress. Please manifest yourself. Who are you and whom are you wearing?

Images Via WWD

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