Happy People Make Happy Clothes

An aesthetic kindred spirit, this is Wes Gordon. He has redecorated timeless silhouettes and created a unique mix taking the essence of Carolina Herrera and adding the perfect amount of him to each piece. Fashion week is where and when we get the opportunity to appreciate and understand the creativity of each designer, the work behind every idea, the feelings and mood of each collection. Unfortunately, New York Fashion Week lacked excitement. I observed too much seriousness and excessive minimal vibes. Very few collections accomplished my heart skip a beat, one of them of course, was Carolina Herrera.

Image Via Wes Gordon

You could instantly tell the collection was Carolina Herrera by Wes Gordon. The pieces were loud, happy, fun and extremely elegant. In his work, He instantly translates boldness, leadership, and confidence. He channeled his inner Carol Channing and stayed away from muted colors and elaborated loud designs.

” Muted colors are for muted people… give me vermilion, chrome, yellow, screaming emerald” -Carol Channing

In conclusion, There were several muted designers during NYFW. Obviously, Carolina Herrera was not one of them. At the end of the day, I guess I will always have a bit of Carol Channing in me. Carolina Herrera will keep being fabulous and Wes Gordon one of a kind.

And these, these were my favorites.

Images via Vogue.com



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