French Cool With Italian

If your creative self adores art and style, then you adore shoes too. Shoes are so important when styling an outfit because it gives each look a sense of completeness and uniqueness. They are so powerful that they can dress up, dress down or middle dress any outfit in the world. Even though someone else may also have them, They also allow us to own our pair completely by transforming them into our version through our unique and personal style

During New York Fashion Week I discovered a beautiful collection by Chloe Gosselin. There were sandals, heels, sandals in heels but overall my favorite was the velvet pieces. It’s interesting to see how the velvet heels have quiet, sweet colors, yet the appliques give each shoe a unique and bright presence. In styling terms, this collection purely makes my life easier. So simple, if one day I want to dress it down and add some vibration to my outfit I would wear velvet heels with distinct and colorful details. If I want to dress it up I would wear the lower velvet strap heels or pointy flats sandals.

In conclusion, I would buy the whole collection for my fall/spring outfits. Each design has a unique twist which will give all my outfits a massive, creative and unique touch.



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