Fries Oscar’s + Burger Dresses


On Sunday night I ate a burger with what seem delicious fries, as soon as I finished eating my beautiful burger I noticed my fries were untouched. The burger was extremely delicious that I became completely unaware of the fries. Somehow the fries became completely unimportant and the only character in my story was the burger. Oddly enough, As soon as I finished X-raying the red carpet dresses the same thing happened but instead of fries, it was something else.


The first dress I fell in love with was a pastel-pink Versace gown with Atelier Swarovski jewels worn by Kiki Layne. I must say I never imagined this gown was by Versace, their pieces are usually less romantic and this piece was extremely romantic and feminine. I hope they do more pieces based on this beauty, I absolutely loved it. I then fell in love with a fuchsia taffeta Valentino Haute Couture dress with Bulgari jewels worn by Gemma Chan. As a Pierpaolo Piccioli fanatic, I was patiently waiting for this, He is an astounding designer that manages to create effortless pieces and transform them into complete elegance.

Then came Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquiere with an eco-conscious turquoise gown, meaning each piece must either be made from sustainable materials, including organic, recycled or repurposed fibers. This dress was worn by Laura Harrier, she looked gorgeous. She reminded me of Princess Tiana from Princess and The Frog. Beautiful inside and out! And…My absolute favorite was a pink voluminous Giambattista Valli tulle gown, with a tiered skirt, flared sleeves and bow brooch at the waist. This beauty was worn by Kacey Musgraves. Everything they design is such a work of art. Giambattista is pure poetry, pure art.

I conclude this long and unique metaphor by saying the dresses were my burger and the Oscar’s were the fries. They were good, but not as good. Each design was mesmerizing and everything fit like a glove, just like my burger. And the fries just like the Oscar’s.. they were there but I didn’t seem to care until the very, very end.

Bravo Designers, Bravo Brand Ambassadors, Viva Designer’s creativity.



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