spacious sleeves

Lately, I have been attending amazing events meeting astounding designers that currently inspire Rendóne. In these events, I am learning more about the luxury lifestyle brands I adore and admire.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Caroline Constas and see her new collection. She is a creative, kind and beautiful soul who grew up in Canada and traveled to Greece very often to see her family. Her inspiration came from that place close to her heart, Greece. During those long flights from or to Greece, she designed.

Through her designs, she genuinely transmits her wanderlust ideals and her love for style when traveling. One of the things I liked the most of this collection is that she has now incorporated sparkle to her designs.

Content by Laura Rendon

Of all her amazing pieces, The winner was the sequin dress. I loved that you can wrap the straps of the dress to accent your waist, The sleeves are very spacious and fun embracing a 70’s look, Although, the fabric is heavy because of all the sequins attached to it. However, I am happy to announce the weight is worth it.

Content by Laura Rendon

Rendóne is all about embracing good vibes through shiny pieces that spread joy when wearing them. In other words, for me sparkle is everything and you will instantly see this in my collections. For this reason, I adored these dresses from Caroline Constas lastest collection.

Laura Rendon

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